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Sound Delivery Team

No operation can be as vast and dedicated as Sound Delivery without a TEAM of fantastic people behind the scenes.

Jerry Lawrence (Founder & President). Jerry has dedicated his life to the transportation industry. Jerry oversees all operations and handles sales calls throughout our territory.

Terry Lawrence(Vice President).Terry has been around this industry literaly all his life. Terry handles the day to day operations of Sound Delivery from the Seattle headquarters. Terry is dedicated to the success of the Sound Delivery team, and our customers.

Arlie Jacobs (Operations Manager). Arlie has taken on many duties with Sound Delivery. As operations manager Arlie has the huge task of overseeing the maintenance of all the equipment. Forklifts, Tractors & Trailers all require constant attention. Arlie also drives full time and is the first person that handles all of the "super load" movements. If Arlie does not haul a "super load" himself, he is instrumental in picking the right person for the job.

Rick Norton (Safety Manager & Regulatory Compliance) Rick Norton was welcomed to the Sound Delivery team in 2005. Rick takes pride in his job making sure all operations are completed in a safe manner. Rick also oversees Federal, State & Local regulatory compliance as it pertains to safety & transportation. Rick has vast experience in the transportation industry.

Jeannie Lawrence (Office Manager) Jeannie has the huge task of overseeing the home office. Making sure everything runs smooth as silk. Jeannie also takes care of customer billing.

Dispatch. Sound Delivery is staffed with two fulltime dispatchers to handle all of your freight movement needs.

Phil is our head dispatcher. He handles the freight movement for the entire Sound Delivery fleet. Taking the calls from cutomers, to instructing the drivers. Its a full time endevor. Phiil is a dedicated and valued member of the Sound Delivery team.

Ryan is the second member of our dispatch team. Ryan brings vast knowlage of the transportation industry to our team. Many years in the drivers seat as both a company driver at Sound Delivery and as an owner operator of a small fleet. Ryan also coordinates all storage, trans loading & rail operations. Keeping track of arriving freight and scheduling trucks for outbound freight. .

Maintenance. Keeping a fleet of over 200 pieces of equipment maintained is no easy task. Sound Deliverys' Seattle yard is home to our servicve facility. Two fulltime mechanics staff our shop 5 days a week. Our mechanics work long hard hours keeping our huge fleet of equipment ready to roll at a moments notice.